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Simple Yet Powerful Monitoring And Protection
Over 400 000 Websites Protected

What Does 6Scan Do?

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The 6Scan six independent scanners work to detect vulnerabilities, scan for malware and inspect your website's files to determine any security issues or risks.

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Our patent-pending technology automatically fixes any security issues as soon as they are detected. We deploy a WAF (Web Application Firewall) and custom vulnerability patches to make sure any attack vectors are blocked. The entire process of detecting and fixing vulnerabilities is fully automated, managed through a unified dashboard.

Icon Protect Protect

6Scan will continue to monitor your site for new vulnerabilities and security risks. The scanning is scheduled automatically or can be triggered manually and you will be notified of any issues. As with all our services, this process can be monitored from your dashboard where you have the opportunity to roll back any changes.

Icon Predict Pro-active Security

6Scan invests expert research to identify emerging threats and neutralize them before they impact our customers.

Devices - Desktop, Tablet and Mobile

6Scan in Numbers

6Scan's advanced protection, combined with our patent-pending automation, makes 6Scan your best choice for website security.




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Why 6Scan?

When you subscribe to 6Scan it's like getting an entire websites security team. Around the clock we assess your site, block attacks, patch vulnerable code, remedy infections - we even check on blacklists just to make sure your site's reputation is untarnished. If we see something that needs to be fixed we don't call you with questions or sell you a new service - we fix the problem.

You're kept in the loop with email and text messages, and you can always check your dashboard to review activity. You don't need to be an expert in website security to have a secure website. That's our job.

Why Would Hackers Target My Site?

Did you know? 71% of website breaches affect companies that have 100 employees or fewer.

Hackers try to strike for many reasons, and they have much to gain from their attacks on websites of all sizes

We understand the importance of your website, which is why 6Scan has been purpose-built to protect websites from hackers who wish to harm small and medium sized businesses.

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6Scan Protects You From These Threats


  • Use your site to deliver drive-by-downloads that infect visitors and create bot nets.

Resource Theft

  • Use your email account to send spam
  • Host content on your site including phishing pages
  • Store illegal content on your server
  • Launch attacks on other targets


  • Show of skills or garner attention for a specific cause

IP Reputation

  • Use your legitimate IP address to avoid URL blacklists and spam filters

Data Theft

  • Steal your visitors' information
  • Steal your members'/users' log-in credentials
  • Steal your server log-in credentials

Collateral Damage

  • Exploit vulnerabilities as part of an automated attack on a board range of IP addresses

What People are Saying

"If you rely on your site for any aspect of your business, 6Scan helps you find and manage vulnerabilities quickly and easily."


"I recommend that you check out 6Scan on Security."


"With 6Scan keeping a website clean doesn't have to be a big burden on a company with sparse technical resources."

Network World

"Crucially, 6Scan disables the malware's ability to ... communicate its nefarious commands to the server."


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